Loved for their versatility, polka-dots are forever in style and add an element of fun. This Rosehip DRESS DERBY features a playful mix of black and white polka-dot sizes, in a classic combination that is easy to coordinate and suits many occasions. With a roomy crown and short brim, it allows for a variety of hairstyles, collars, and scarves. A zipper rosette and fabric leaves add a sweet touch of modern femininity. Finished with a soft-sheen pleated 100% dupioni silk band.

The brim has sturdy and flexible nylon boning stitched into the bias edge, it can easily be shaped up, down, or wavy, and will retain the style. This feature allows for lots of options for framing the face and bringing light onto the eyes.



  • classic black & white polka-dots – print patterns of various sizes
  • pleated band; zipper rosette; fabric leaves
  • upturned short brim has a flexible, durable nylon-boning stitched into the bias edge; turn it up or down for styling
  • boning also helps to pop the brim back in shape after packing
  • top quality construction inside & out
  • topstitched seams for durability and added detail
  • packable; travels well; easy-care


  • 100% cotton and rayon; lightweight, crisp hand, breathable
  • 100% dupioni silk band and bias edge
  • soft, lightweight cotton lining