Rosehip Hats – handmade in Vancouver, CANADA

SHARI REID – Designer/Maker

“Rosehip customers love finding their perfect hat – a hat with a comfortable fit, a flattering shape and colour, and one that quickly becomes their favourite. Whether hats are a passion for you, or you’re entering unfamiliar hat territory, I love helping you find a hat to suit your needs and lifestyle; one that ‘fits’ perfectly – both your head and your personality.” 

Rosehip styles are modern, classic, and filled with originality and charm. Hand-made and finely-crafted, each hat is a new expression, a story waiting to be told – the tale comes to life whenever you wear it!

About me ~

I have designed and hand-crafted one-of-a-kind hats in my home studio since 1992.  Millinery is the art of hat-making.

My love for fashion arts, and hats in particular, grows from a life-long passion for working with beautiful textiles, along with a special intrigue of historic costume.  From early headwear adornment to the latest in runway fashion – a hat surely expresses ones sense of individuality quite unlike any other clothing item.

As a child, visits with my do-it-yourself grandmothers were adventures in creativity.  My favourite times were learning their needle-crafts and using the tools of sewing, mending, embellishment, knitting, and crochet.  It followed that as a young creative type during the 60s and 70s, I tried my hand at many traditional textile techniques – made popular during that time due to a renewed interest in Folk Arts.  Formal fashion design training in the 80s helped hone my design and technical skills and introduced me to a variety of surface design applications.

Then, simply, one thing led to another.  My love for fashion was fueled with practice and passion, and it seems I’ve made my life (and living) using needles and threads, and the connections they make.

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.    Rumi

Welcome! … Shari


University of the Fraser Valley – Fashion Arts Diploma/Textiles
British Columbia Institute of Technology – Venture Program (business start-up)
Vancouver Community College – Provincial Instructor Diploma Program (instructor of Textile Science and History of Costume)

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