A hat is more than ‘just another accessory’ – it’s a state of mind, a message to the world. Can you wear a hat? Most certainly yes! Still unsure? Sometimes a little playfulness and ‘hattitude’ go a long way.

Here’s a few steps to get started, and help build confidence:

  • Become familiar with your own basic face shape (oval, round, square, long, triangular, heart) and body type. Find more info in my Hat-hunting Tips and learn which hat silhouettes might best suit you.
  • Think about the when/where you want to wear a hat – practical, every day? protection? special occasion? vacation?
  • Be curious … and a tad brave!  Try a lot of different hats on.  All rules aside, the best trick is to ‘experiment’ to develop a sense of what works for your individual style and features.

There’s really nothing too mysterious about it: we’ve been adorning ourselves with hats and headwear for millennia, and for many different, evolving reasons. In our modern-day, styles come and go through typical fashion cycles, and hats remain more popular today than ever. Check out the more interesting street-fashion and you’ll see that hats play a big part in expressing individual style and personality.