SUN HAT silk sash – 4.5″ brim


It’s a beautiful feeling wearing a pretty Rosehip SUN HAT.  Enjoy maximum sun protection with the widest brimmed hat in my collection. This creamy-white hemp/silk version features a delicate floral jacquard patterned fabric. A pleated dupioni silk band, softly draped bow, and gemstone hatpin provide a soft, gentle sheen and sparkle.

The brim has extra-sturdy and flexible nylon boning stitched into the bias edge. This feature serves two purposes 1) the brim can easily be shaped up, down, or wavy, and it will retain the style, and 2) it allows the hat to be folded or rolled up for travel – the hat brim will ‘snap’ back into its original crisp shape when you’re ready to wear it.



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  • a feminine, soft shape; generous and roomy crown
  • a pleated dupioni silk band finished with a softly draped bow
  • 4.5″ (11.5 cm) extra-wide brim; can be worn turned up, down, or wavy
  • flexible, durable nylon-boning bias edge – helps with styling and to pop brim back in shape after packing
  • topstitched seams and brim for durability and added detail
  • quality construction inside and out
  • packable; travels well; excellent sun protection


  • creamy ivory hemp/silk with a delicate floral jacquard pattern for the main body
  • the pleated dupioni silk band has a beautiful natural sheen and a lovely textural contrast to the hemp/silk
  • handmade genuine gemstone hatpin made with pewter and Swarovski crystal findings
  • soft, lightweight cotton lining