French embroidered floral lace overlay adds texture and romance to these one-of-a-kind Rosehip DRESS DERBY hats, finished with hand-crafted, off-centre detailing and a pleated band. The style and neutral colour suit any occasion where a stunning hat is in order.

A roomy ‘top hat’ crown can be worn at a tilt, creating drama, and a flattering side view. The short turned-up brim – shorter still at the back, allows for hairstyles, collars, and scarves. The brim can be turned up, down or tilted to the side, allowing lots of options for framing the face and bringing light onto the eyes.




  • French embroidered lace with floral motif
  • pleated band; blossom or leaf detail with bias edging
  • upturned short brim has a flexible, durable nylon-boning stitched into the bias edge; turn it up or down for styling
  • boning also helps to pop the brim back in shape after packing
  • top quality construction inside & out
  • packable; travels well


  • a variety of natural fibres rich in visual interest – texture, natural sheen
  • resiliency, breathability
  • hemp, silk, cotton, rayon, lace
  • soft, lightweight cotton lining