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Hat Travel TIPS

“Are your hats ‘packable’?” a frequent question from my customers… the answer is: “YES”

I construct all my natural fibre hats with a sturdy, reinforced fabric brim which can be folded and bent into many configurations for packing. This built-in resiliency helps it pop back into shape after being stored in a tote-bag or backpack while you’re on the road or in the air (or on water!).

All Rosehip sunhats and beach hats have a bendable nylon boning stitched right into the brim edge. This washable, super-strong material helps to retain the brim’s shape and angles you want while wearing, and is easily bent, rolled and/or folded when your hat is tucked away for travel. Bring it out to wear, and it snaps right back into place.

collage2 The hat pictured at LEFT is the perfect travel companion, which is why it’s called the ‘Traveller’. This versatile, classic style can take you many places – from the boat to the beach, from touring to the trail. The 10cm (4”) bias-edged brim can be worn turned up at a variety of face-flattering angles, or worn down when more sun protection is required.

Colour selection varies by season. Material choices include 100% linen, upcycled 100% cotton, hemp, and a hemp/cotton blend. Hemp fabric has the highest UV protection of all the natural fibres, is strong, durable, anti-mildew, hypo-allergenic, with maximum breathability and wicking properties. For more on HEMP and other ‘green’ fibre choices, please read my post here:  Step Lightly with Earth-loving Textiles.

The sizing drawstring inside all Rosehip hats further ensures your comfort: just loosen the band when you need some air or tighten it up on a windy day.

Happy Trails to you! … Shari

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Alberta 2Hey Alberta! Rosehip Hats is happy to be coming your way again this May 2013.

I’m bringing my best to you – my collection of HATS ‘in tow’ feature yummy, fresh colours; all-season favourites; lots of great-fitting, stylish caps; sweet summery cloches; funky fold-able beach and travel hats; and a selection of fabulous toppers that would make any occasion special.

After a fair stretch of a ‘deep hat-making’ phase in the studio as Spring busts out on the west coast, I am SO ready for a similar bust-out – a spectacularly scenic road trip through valleys and forests, along raging river canyons, through towering mountain ranges, to the rolling foothills and grassy plains of Wild Rose Country.

Can’t wait to meet all you Alberta hat-lovers…wildrose in Edmonton May 3-5, and Calgary May 10-12. See you at the shows!… Shari

Show details can be found in my Upcoming Events at the right sidebar, or by by clicking here on either city:




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Circle Craft Christmas Market

Come join me for the 2012 39th Annual Circle Craft Christmas Market. Rosehip Hats (Shari, Kalisha) can be found at Booth # E4 along the East wall.

Wednesday thru Friday 10am-9pm
Saturday 10am-7pm
Sunday 10am-5pm

Vancouver Convention Centre West – see map
1055 Canada Place
Vancouver, BC V6C 0C3

Click the photo below for Ticket Information including online purchase DISCOUNTS.

Your initial ticket purchase entitles you to unlimited re-entry on any day of the 2012 show. Please pick up and validate your re-entry pass as you exit. (non-transferable)


About Circle Craft Christmas Market:

More than 300 artisans from coast to coast! Vancouver’s Circle Craft Christmas Market has been a local tradition since 1973. For 38 years, generations of Vancouverites, British Columbians, as well as tourists from near and far have been enjoying the Market, a place where they come face to face with fine BC and Canadian artisans and their work. Exhibitors include wood turners, glass blowers, sculptors and potters, clothing and jewellery designers, toy makers, leather and metal workers, and more. In addition, to round out the experience, visitors will find food vendors, entertainment by local dance groups, craft technique demonstrations, and other activities.

The Circle Craft Christmas Market attracts some 40,000 people eager to discover the creations of hundreds of Canadian artisans all of whom are jury-selected based on talent and diversity. This November, more artisans than ever, over 300 (many of whom are new to the Market!), will present their wares.

The Market offers additional special sights and artistic surprises for attendees and fun activities for families to enjoy:

Watch artists produce their work – Enjoy live pottery throwing, weaving, and woodturning demonstrations!

Totally Amazing Glass – Take in free glassblowing demonstrations by some of Canada’s top glass artists. Visit the display of gallery work located next to the stage.

Ballz of Fire Workshop – Try your hand at designing and creating a blown glass Christmas ornament.

The Entertainment Stage where fantastic local talent will shine, including youth community dance and music groups!

Student Art Exhibition – Circle Craft presents, for the sixth year, an exciting exhibit celebrating student creativity. Each secondary school featured offers a display of a wide variety of student artwork reflecting the quality and diversity of their visual arts programs. This show offers a snapshot of the many styles and media art students are practicing. Explorations in drawing, painting, mixed media, printmaking, collage, photography, woodworking, and felting will be on view. This exhibition is presented by Circle Craft Cooperative.

Great Prizes will be won. Since its inception in 1993, The Sharing Tree has become an integral part of the Circle Craft Christmas Market. A $2 charitable donation enters you to win a prize valued at $1,500. All proceeds go to charity.

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Filberg Festival in August

Comox BC:    The Filberg Festival – western Canada’s largest outdoor arts show – is celebrating its 30th Birthday this 2012 BC long weekend, and the Rosehip Hat team will be there (Shari, Kalisha). 

You’ll also find amazing fine art & craft, meet the artisans, enjoy live entertainment & music and sample tasty food under the trees in a most beautiful historic garden setting by the sea… come join the fun!


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Butterdome Spring Craft Sale

Road Trip! The hat caravan is heading to Edmonton for the 6th annual Butterdome Spring Craft Sale early next week. After many weeks of studio work, I’m excited for the scenic drive along river valleys and mountainsides, and meeting all the new friendly faces at the show. Look for lots of beautiful hat styles & colours for Spring/Summer 2012.

Show dates: Friday May 4- Sunday May 6.

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Island Vogue on Granville Island

Several years ago the Net Loft on Granville Island showcased the work of Island artists with a fashion event called Island Vogue. Silk artist Heide Otto and I collaborated to create these outfits for the show.

Special projects like this are always a challenge as it pushes artists out of their ‘comfort zones’ into a new level of creative thinking and skill-testing.

We had a lot of fun with the process, and loved the results, especially seeing our designs get ‘worked’ by live models/dancers.

Outfit #1 – Tropical Seas

  • flowing dress in hand-painted silk with shibori texture 
  • colours of emerald, royal blue and turquoise 
  • coordinating sunhat & silk jewelry 

  Outfit #2 – WestCoast Seaside

  • flapper dress in handpainted silk with seashell motif 
  • colours of light blue and sandy beige 
  • adorned with silk seaweed and kelp 
  • coordinating sunhat 

 Dresses and jewelry by Heide Otto    / Hats by Shari Reid

 About the Artists:

Heide Otto was born in Europe and moved to Vancouver in 1963.  Through her studies abroad and locally she has enjoyed great success as a multi-media fibre artist.
For the past 18 years, Heide has been focusing her attention on silk painting and developing her own style and techniques which favour strong, bright colours.   Her work has been shown in juried craft shows in Victoria, Whistler, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver – including the Granville Island Public Market. Her work has been appreciated and purchased by visitors from all over the world.
Shari Reid was born in Ladner, BC, and has been designing and hand-crafting original hats in her home studio since 1993. In addition to selling at Granville Island Public Market, her collection is also sold at juried art markets such as Circle Craft Christmas Market (Vancouver, BC) and the Filberg Festival (Comox, BC). Shari studied Fashion Design with a major in Textiles at the University of the Fraser Valley.
Heide and Shari have enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate on these light-hearted and imaginative fashions.
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Circle Craft Christmas Market

The 2012 38th Annual Circle Craft Christmas Market is Vancouver’s most-anticipated event of the season and a tradition for holiday shoppers seeking original works of fine craft.

2011 marks a decade for RoseHip Hats as a Circle Craft exhibitor.  In these past weeks leading up to the show, I’ve been busy in the studio designing new hat styles, choosing a selection of seasonal fabrics & trims, cutting, sewing, pressing, handstitching … and then packing up the caravan with boxes of hats and booth display items for the trek to the show.

Look for Kalisha and me at Booth #422 under a brand new RoseHip sign – we’re looking forward to seeing you!

Circle Craft is held at the new Vancouver Convention Centre . Click here for map.

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Hat-Hunting Tips

In my years of designing and selling hats I’ve met thousands (!) of people searching for that perfect hat, a soon-to-become favourite – one that feels good, looks great, and is a natural extension of their personality.  Many start off with a good sense of what styles and colours appeal to them and flatter their looks; some need a little extra help in this area, especially if hat-wearing is unfamiliar territory. Aside from a proper fit, I don’t believe there to be too many ‘hard & fast rules’ – your intuition can often be your best guide.

 I encourage everyone, regardless of their level of experience with hats, to experiment. Trying on many different types of hats will help develop a better sense of what feels right. If you haven’t worn hats for awhile you may find that the styles and colours which once worked for you may also have changed due to a new hairstyle, differences in your face shape and colouring, wearing glasses, and lifestyle changes.

Oh wait, there IS one rule: Have fun! If your ‘fear of hats’ (hatophobia?) has not yet subsided, it soon will.

Choose a hat that fits you properly. This seems like a no-brainer, but I’m surprised how many people buy hats that don’t FIT. Even though you love it at the time of purchase, if it’s not super-comfortable on your head you’re not likely to be happy with it or wear it much. If you do find a hat style you love but it doesn’t fit, find out what sizing options are available.

The hat should be snug enough that it won’t flop around on your head (or fall off!) or sit too low and obscure your vision. A hat that’s too small may give you a headache, not allow for air circulation, or at the very least leave an indent line on your forehead – not pretty.  A general guideline: there should be room for two of your fingers to slip under the band.

The PROPORTION of the hat to your overall size should also be considered: i.e. – a larger hat silhouette is usually better for larger people; smaller people find balance in a more compact hat silhouette.

It’s helpful to know your head size when looking. This chart shows how these measurements translate to common hat sizing.


Another good indication of fit is the ALIGNMENT of the hat crown to your cheekbones: the sides of the crown should be flush with the outer edges of your cheekbones to be balanced with the face. (more on ‘face shapes’ below)

Look for a colour that brings out the best in your skin tone and hair colour. This is a very important feature as a hat frames and draws attention to the face. The colours next to your face can either flatter your skin tone by minimizing flaws and giving a healthy glow, or detract from your looks by accentuating lines and dark areas – especially around the eyes.

Think CONGRUENCY when considering your best colours and patterns. I find that most often people will naturally gravitate towards the colours that look good on them – usually the same colours of the clothing they normally wear. This works well as we tend to want the flexibility of wearing a hat with lots of different outfits.

If the bulk of your clothes are neutral, hats can be a fun way to add color and a bit of ‘oomph’. Being an accessory item, a hat can also be a less expensive way to sport the latest colour trend. These hot colours for Spring/Summer have lots of ‘punch’ – it could make sense to wear them in small doses.

As for pattern and texture, if you have bold colouring you can wear more vivid hues, contrasting shapes and patterns and highly textural fabrics; those with more delicate colouring usually find a more tone-on-tone palette, small patterns and smoother fabrics more appropriate.  If you need help determining your best colours, this website takes you through the steps and is pretty straightforward.

Now it’s time to ‘work’ the hat on your head and ‘play’ with the angle of the brim. A hat can flatter the face much more when worn on a bit of a tilt. Start with ¼ inch tilt and go from there, trying the tilt to one side of the face, then the other. This emphasizes the eyes by letting in some light and helps to draw the viewer’s eyes upward. If you wear glasses, this can also give some room for the frames. Try all other possible positions of the hat on your head: sideways, forward over your brow, even backward… this is the only way to find the best position of the hat on your head, and it’s often a surprise to see that a minor adjustment can make all the difference.

Different styles of hats will flatter different head and face shapes, so it helps to be familiar with your own face shape. You may find a face shape chart helpful.


As a very general rule, those with round faces should avoid narrow-brimmed or close-fitting hats as they will make the lower part of your face look wider. Those with longer faces should avoid a high crown as it will elongate your head. Heart-shaped faces should avoid wide-brims and baseball peaks which tend to obscure and add weight to the top half of the face while making the lower part of the face disappear. As you can see, when considering the right hat silhouette for your face shape, and the tilt or position of the hat on your head, it’s all about BALANCE: how the overall hat shape balances with your own face shape.

Consider other physical traits such as your height, weight, body proportion, neck length – does the hat provide balance and create a harmonious look with your body type? Try to get a full-body and back view of yourself in the hat. Don’t be afraid to ask another person for their feedback. Friends, family, and even strangers passing by most often get a kick out of being asked for their opinion.

After a successful hunt, enjoy wearing your hat! …Your perfect hat should put the emphasis on YOU; it should add to your style or put a special twist on a simple outfit. Wearing a hat with confidence is a remark-able thing. It’s certain that people will stop you to say “hey, nice hat!”, or even better “you look amazing!!”

Hope these tips help you find a hat that becomes you… cheers!  Shari


Linnette’s favourite hat …by Rosehip Hats


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Rosehip’s Earth-loving Textiles

A sustainable textile product:
  • is designed with consideration of the environmental and social impact it may have throughout its total life span.
  • has a much smaller ‘ecological footprint’ than its conventional counterpart: it creates less pollutants and waste; is toxic-free and uses less water and non-renewable resources.

 Here are three of my favourite eco-textile sources for ‘green hat’ design:

 1.) Certified ORGANIC COTTON is free of destructive toxic pesticides and synthetic chemical fertilizers. On the flip side, conventionally-grown cotton uses approximately 25% of the world’s insecticides and is one of the most widely grown and chemical-intensive crops in the world.

 2.) HEMP is one of the best choices for eco-fibres due to its ease and speed of growth and resistance to disease, with no artificial fertilizers or pesticides needed. Hemp sheds many of its leaves before harvest, returning nutrients to the soil for the next crop. Hemp fibre has natural anti-mildew, high UV protection, thermodynamic and hypoallergenic properties.

 3.) RECYCLED (reclaimed, pre & post consumer, vintage) fabrics are arguably the most sustainable choice for raw materials to repurpose (or ‘upcycle’) into new designs as they require no agriculture, no manufacturing to produce and avert materials from the waste stream for longer periods of time. VINTAGE (pre-1980’s) textile goods were designed to be used for many years, unlike the planned obsolescence of most mass-produced fashion items today. They are also appreciated for their historic value, uniqueness and robust quality. Fabrics were often handwoven and garments custom-made with hand-finished details and unusual trims – techniques now lost with the current globalization of the fashion and textile industries. 

 ~~~~~ Rosehip Hats: designing with the earth in mind, since 1992 ~~~~~

 TRAVELLER by Rosehip – hemp/organic cotton; hand-stencilled 
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Rosehip Hats on Granville Island (since 1997), Vancouver BC, CANADA

“Picture a place molded by a fascinating history, buzzing with a colourful artistic community. A living, breathing urban oasis filled with fine waterfront restaurants, theatres, galleries, studios, unique shops, cafes and the most spectacular fresh food market you’ve ever seen. Add a vibrant and diverse mix of people and activities, and you have a destination so dynamic, no visit to the city is complete without spending at least a day here. Just think of Granville Island as Vancouver’s Town Square. Where locals and visitors come together to be inspired, to be entertained or simply to breathe in some of its unique atmosphere …”  

You’ll find Rosehip Hats at the Public Market on Granville Island throughout the year, on a rotating schedule. Please check my Calendar here.

What a treat to spend time on the free & easy Vancouver waterfront in our very own urban oasis! So much to see and do and experience. Here’s just a sampling of special events, as well as year-round activities:


Find all Upcoming Event listings and Island highlights HERE

wooden boat fest
The Vancouver Wooden Boat Festival in August: Family boat-building, knot tying demonstrations, maritime music, boat races and an armada of wooden boats of all kinds to explore on the Granville Island public docks.

farmers marketGranville Island Farmer’s Market: Thursdays from June to October in Triangle Square just outside the Public Market. Come support your local growers and enjoy the big flavours and goodness of ‘fresh-picked’. The market features everything from seasonal produce to wine, local craft, artisan food products, and more.

deck on GIBest outdoor patios in Vancouver! – all summer long. Don’t forget the wooden decks along False Creek north of the Market – lots of tables & chairs to enjoy your meals, waterfront benches, seagulls (protect your french fries) and music (ps – buskers love tips!)


The Public Market Food Experience – all summer long.  My faves: try an amazing veggie burger with seasoned french-fries from the Market Grill, or a picnic of giant fresh castrelvetano olives, dolmades, ceci (seasoned garbanzos) and orzo salad from Zara’s Deli. So many temptations in the Market – you won’t go hungry!

309090_454401577914675_353903736_nGranville Island Artisans in the Market: Carefully selected from BC’s best, the Market day vendors are artisans, local farmers, and producers of specialty foods who create, grow or produce their own goods, with pride and passion. From fine jewelry to hand-made soap, from ceramics to gourmet treats, from cutting edge fashion to spectacular visual art – it’s all here to be discovered in the heart of the market.  Enjoy the bustling atmosphere and experience truly local shopping. It’s a fresh mix of vendors every day.

aquabusTravelers Tips: If you’re driving your vehicle onto Granville Island, you should know this: Parking is crazy on the weekends, and certain times on the weekdays as well. For the best chance of finding a spot, come very early and find free parking for 3 hours, or look for the Pay Lots around the Island. Parking update for 2019 – see below**  

Looking for transit alternatives? Find your way to Granville Island via aqua ferries from downtown, or by bus & taxi. Consider walking or biking (or rolling) the False Creek seawall – it’s a spectacular scenic route the whole family can enjoy. Lots of bike racks around the Island, including a secure bike lock-up. Mobi Bike rentals are also available around the seawall leading into the Island.

Hope to see you on Granville Island soon!

** Please Note: Year-round pay parking is coming into effect at Granville Island as of June 1, 2019. From May to September, parking from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. will cost $3 an hour. It will cost $2 an hour during the winter, from October to April. Parking will be free before 11 a.m. and after 6 p.m.

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Check your ‘hattitude’

A hat is more than ‘just another accessory’ – it’s a state of mind, a message to the world. Can you wear a hat? Most certainly yes! Regardless of what stories you tell yourself, sometimes a little open-mindedness and ‘hattitude’ go a long way.

Here are a few steps to help build confidence:

  • Become familiar with your own basic face shape (oval, round, square, long, triangular, heart) and body type. Find more info in my Hat-hunting Tips 
  • Think about the when/where you want to wear a hat – practical, every day? protection? special occasion? vacation?
  • Be curious … and a tad brave!  Try a lot of different hats on.  All rules aside, the best trick is to ‘experiment’ to develop a sense of what works for your individual style and features.

There’s really nothing too mysterious about it: we’ve been adorning ourselves with hats and headwear for many, many centuries, and for many different, evolving reasons. In more modern times, styles come and go through typical fashion cycles, and hats are more popular today than ever!