Alberta 2Hey Alberta! Rosehip Hats is happy to be coming your way again this May.

I’m bringing my best to you – my collection of HATS ‘in tow’ feature yummy, fresh colours; all-season favourites; lots of great-fitting, stylish caps; sweet summery cloches; funky fold-able beach and travel hats; and a selection of fabulous toppers that would make any occasion special.

After a fair stretch of a ‘deep hat-making’ phase in the studio as Spring busts out on the west coast, I am SO ready for a similar bust-out – a spectacularly scenic road trip through valleys and forests, along raging river canyons, through towering mountain ranges, to the rolling foothills and grassy plains of Wild Rose Country.

Can’t wait to meet all you Alberta hat-lovers…wildrose in Edmonton May 3-5, and Calgary May 10-12. See you at the shows!… Shari

Show details can be found in my Upcoming Events at the right sidebar, or by by clicking here on either city:





  1. Debbie Schmermund says:

    I purchased a summer hat at your booth last year in Edmonton and look forward to seeing your display this spring, although we are not having any spring weather, it was snowing today and -3. Hopefully you bring along some B.C. WARMTH AND does one get a free pass to the show?

  2. Tanya Froh says:

    I bought a burgundy corduroy petit-cloche last March when you were at Granville Island. I get SO many compliments on that hat. It is my favourite, by far! And I have a lot of hats….. Just wondering if you were planning to come back to Alberta again this year? I live just outside Calgary Nd would love to try on your low rider style this time. 😉

    • Shari says:

      Hi Tanya – thanks for your message!
      Yes I am coming to Alberta in May 2014 (Edmonton May 2-4; Calgary May 9-11). I will be bringing lots of spring/summer styles as well as all-season hats.
      FYI – Rosehip Facebook fans qualify for a free show pass, so make sure you watch for that announcement on my FB page (click icon on right side of this page to get there.)
      So happy you love your hat!
      See you in May… Shari

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