A hat is more than ‘just another accessory’ – it’s a state of mind, a message to the world. Can you wear a hat? Most certainly yes! Regardless of what stories you tell yourself, sometimes a little open-mindedness and ‘hattitude’ go a long way. 

Here are a few steps to help build confidence:

  • Become familiar with your own basic face shape (oval, round, square, long, triangular, heart) and body type. **stay tuned for more on this
  • Think about the when/where you want to wear a hat – practical, every day? protection? special occasion? vacation?
  • Be curious … and brave!  Try a lot of different hats on.  All rules aside, the best trick is to ‘experiment’ to develop a sense of what works for your individual style and features.

There’s really nothing too mysterious about it: we’ve been adorning ourselves with hats and headwear for many centuries, and for many different reasons. Styles come and go through typical fashion cycles, and hats are more popular today than ever!

I’ll be touching on lots more tips and information about hats in future posts. Stay tuned!

photo: Kelly & Carlie

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