“Are your hats ‘packable’?” This is a frequent question from my customers… and the answer is: “YES”.

I construct all my natural fibre hats with a sturdy, reinforced fabric brim which can be folded and bent into many configurations for packing. This built-in resiliency helps it pop back into shape after being stored in a tote-bag or backpack while you’re on the road or in the air (or on water!).

All Rosehip sunhats and beach hats have a bendable nylon boning stitched right into the brim edge. This washable, super-strong material helps to retain the brim’s shape and angles you want while wearing, and is easily bent, rolled and/or folded when your hat is tucked away for travel. Bring it out to wear, and it snaps right back into place.

collage2 The hat at LEFT is the perfect travel companion, which is why it’s called my ‘Traveller’. This versatile, classic style can take you many places – from the boat to the beach, from the tour to the trail. The 10cm (4”) bias-edged brim can be worn turned up at a variety of face-flattering angles, or worn down when more sun protection is required. The brim has a subtle splash of my hand-stencilling in a variety of nature images – butterflies, blossoms, maple leaves, turtles, Canada geese, fish, etc.

I use a hemp & organic cotton blend fabric available in cranberry red, oatmeal, khaki, celery green, deep periwinkle blue, black, as well as a 100% hemp summercloth in a natural off-white. Hemp fabric has the highest UV protection of all the natural fibres, is strong, durable, anti-mildew, hypo-allergenic, with maximum breathability and wicking properties. For more on HEMP and other ‘green’ fibre choices, please read my post here:  Step Lightly with Earth-loving Textiles.

The sizing drawstring inside the hat further ensures your comfort: just loosen the band when you need some air or tighten it up on a windy day.

Happy Trails to you! … Shari

“Things may happen and often do to people as brainy and footsy as you”
― Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!


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