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 The hunt continued…. 

Now it’s time to ‘work’ the hat on your head and ‘play’ with the angle of the brim. A hat can flatter the face much more when worn on a bit of a tilt. Start with ¼ inch tilt and go from there, trying the tilt to one side of the face, then the other. This emphasizes the eyes by letting in some light and helps to draw the viewer’s eyes upward. If you wear glasses, this can also give some room for the frames. Try all other possible positions of the hat on your head: sideways, forward over your brow, even backwards… this is the only way to find the best position of the hat on your head, and it’s often a surprise to see that a minor adjustment can make all the difference.

Different styles of hats will flatter different head and face shapes, so it helps to be familiar with your own face shape. You may find a face shape chart helpful.



As a general rule, those with round faces should avoid narrow-brimmed or close-fitting hats as they will make the lower part of your face look wider. Those with longer faces should avoid a high crown as it will elongate your head. Heart-shaped faces should avoid wide-brims and baseball peaks which tend to obscure and add weight to the top half of the face while making the lower part of the face disappear. As you can see, when considering the right hat silhouette for your face shape, and the tilt or position of the hat on your head, it’s all about BALANCE: how the overall hat shape balances with your own face shape.

Consider other physical traits such as your height, weight, body proportion, neck length – does the hat provide balance and create a harmonious look with your body type? Try to get a full-body and back view of yourself in the hat. Don’t be afraid to ask another person for their feedback. Friends, family, and even strangers passing by most often get a kick out of being asked for their opinion.

After a successful hunt, enjoy wearing your hat! …Your perfect hat should put the emphasis on YOU; it should add to your style or put a special twist on a simple outfit. Wearing a hat with confidence is a remark-able thing. It’s certain that people will stop you to say “hey, nice hat!”, or even better “you look amazing!!”

Hope these tips help you find a hat that becomes you… cheers!  Shari


Linnette’s favourite hat …by Rosehip Hats



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