What’s your ‘hattitude’?

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A hat is more than ‘just another accessory’ – it’s a state of mind, a message to the world. Can you wear a hat? Most certainly yes! Regardless of what stories you tell yourself, sometimes a little open-mindedness and ‘hattitude’ go a long way.  Here are a few steps to help build confidence: Become familiar with your own basic face shape (oval, round, square, long, triangular, heart) and body type. … Read More →



This is the beginning of a website devoted to all things hats – a place where art matters, individual style is celebrated and sustainability counts. I hope to provide you with lots of beautiful things to look at and think about, and welcome your comments. From here on, we’ll just have to see what happens! …… Shari “Keep it light enough to travel”     the Be Good Tanyas